Monday, 4 April 2011

Aethred's Forest Glade

Aethred is the old English name for Athersley.   First recorded in 1379 as ‘Hattirslay’ - it probably means ‘Aethred’s Forest Glade’. [On Our Street - published by the Roundhouse Partnership.]
Carlton Marshes - a nearby wildlife sanctuary has medieval links too. Perhaps a moat or pond for Monk Bretton Priory, this area is home to several trees and shrubs. The Aethered Forest Glade hanging sculpture takes inuence from the Rowan tree leaf and berry which are resident on the Carlton Marshes.
The Aethered Forest Glade hanging sculpture is set to take permanent residence in the void area of the Roundhouse Medical Centre.   Spanning two patient waiting areas and the main reception, the sculpture may be experienced from the ground floor and from the windows in the sub waiting area on the 1st floor.   The sculpture will be installed around the roof light, and, will create the feeling
of the outside world appearing inside. The cast leaves will add diffused and distilled light with shadows of leaves appearing in new spaces at different times of the day.

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