Monday, 4 April 2011

Creative Minds! - The Brief

With a big thanks to Kim and Lorraine at the Roundhouse Partnership in Barnsley, I was able to visit the study support groups and meet the young people who will frequent the new medical centre.  We all felt that it is really important to invite the locals to a fun art session with the aim to travel on a creative journey together, and generate ideas that will inform new artwork enhancements for the medical centre.

Together, we embarked on the creative engagement programme.  
We worked in three teams –
the Team Monday at the Life Long learning Centre;
the Team Tuesday at the Athersley South Primary School; 
the Team Wednesday at the Roundhouse New Lodge in north Athersley.

In the first session we talked about landscapes and started to draw in the sketchbooks.  The history of the land on which the medical centre is built became very important as it was the home to Aethred's Forest Glade back in the medieval times.  We noticed the comparison between the original Roundhouse and the office column at the new medical centre.  The column reminds us of the Roundhouse, imitating the eight sided shape of the medieval building.  Personal memories and the objects or spaces which are still around became a focus for our drawings and designs.  We began to research further the shapes and patterns associated with medieval or Gothic architecture.  There's quite a lot of evidence to support our research that's still around in the area, e.g. Monk Bretton Priory with ruined mullion windows, Wakefield cathedral with it's classic gothic rose window, boasting many basic shapes such as octagons, hexagons - all shapes which the team recognised!   

This research led to a personalised design in the style loosely associated with the Gothic. Excellent work!

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